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Head Coach Ryan Beier Appears on Soccer Podcast

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Thunder head coach Ryan Beier appeared on the soccer podcast Feuerstein's Fire last Friday evening, December18. Beier talked with Daniel Feuerstein about his journey to becoming head coach and his hopes for the team in the future.

Beier spoke about his previous coaching experience, both with the Thunder and his club and high school coaching experience. Having been an assistant to the previous Thunder coach, it seemed like a natural transition to head coach under the new management.

He seemed optimistic about the Thunder's prime location in the largest city in South Dakota. He noted that the state's largest club soccer program is based in that city. He also that Sioux Falls is within just a few hours of multiple, large cities with excellent soccer programs, such as Kansas City and Minneapolis.

When asked about his focus for the team, Beier emphasized targeting local colleges for players to keep the roster turnover lower. In terms of play, Beier admitted he is a possession-based coach and prefers wide play, but that with the right athletic team the Thunder could play in transition.

The head coach has time to make that decision after tryouts, expected early 2021. Follow the Thunder on social media to keep up with the latest news.

About Feuerstein's Fire:

"Two Hour show discussing Soccer in the United States and American Players playing abroad."

You can listen to the full episode using the link below. Beier's interview starts at the 56:30 mark.

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