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Goals Rain in First Thunder Home Game

A flurry of goals landed on the USF Bob Young Stadium as the Thunder (0-0-2) fell to the Minnesota TwinStars (1-0-2) on the evening of Wednesday, May 24th. The Thunder were aided by two goals from forward Marcus Horwood, but couldn't overcome the TwinStars' offense.

Minnesota kicked off the scoring with a solo goal at the 10 minute mark from Sidike Jabateh. Jabateh would perform a similar run around the box 8 minutes later, scoring his second goal against the Thunder. The last goal of the half would come from Minnesota's Sadra Golzarian after chasing down a long ball over the back line and chipping it over Thunder keeper Wil Rieves.

The Thunder clawed back the deficit in the second half. A foul on Thunder winger Eric Beltran inside the Minnesota 18 gave Marcus Horwood a chance from the spot. Horwood let loose a shot so powerful that the keeper couldn't hold on to the ball, bringing the Thunder within two. But Jabateh would close out a hat trick just three minutes later, setting the Thunder down three goals again.

Marcus Horwood then worked his magic in a beautiful 1-2 combo with Beltran, and a goalie deflection, but the goal came too late in the first minute of stoppage time. The final whistle blew on the scoreboard at 2-4 in favor of Minnesota.

The Thunder remain at home and will face the Dakota Fusion at 7 pm on Saturday, May 27th.

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