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Gary Glissendorf Joins the Thunder as Assistant Coach

Local coach Gary Glissendorf has joined the Sioux Falls Thunder in the role of assistant coach. Glissendorf has coached at the local youth club, Dakota Alliance Soccer Club, for twelve years. He has coached multiple ages during that time. He has also been the assistant soccer coach at O'Gorman High School for the last six years.

In his own words, "I'm excited to work with Dan to bring another team and playing opportunities to the Sioux Falls soccer community for those players looking for that next level after club or high school. I am looking forward to working with the college-age players and give them a place to develop their skills so they can continue to play soccer at school, or those trying to make the next step to a professional career."

Glissendorf has been attending tryouts to lend his expertise. He will also be at the second tryout date, February 6th. Players who have not signed up can still do so here.

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