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Daniel Haggerty Takes Over as Team Owner and Manager

South Dakota native Daniel Haggerty gained ownership of the Sioux Falls Thunder FC on August 14th, 2020. Previous owner Amadu Myers, who started the NPSL team in 2017, is no longer associated with the organization.

"Amadu provided a great service to the city of Sioux Falls and the surrounding area by bringing an NPSL soccer team," says Haggerty.

He looks forward to continuing the tradition of community-focused soccer in Sioux Falls. Haggerty has nineteen years of coaching experience at the high-school level. He coached the last nine seasons of the varsity/JV program at Freeman Academy, a local high school and has been on the outskirts of Dakota Alliance Soccer Club, with two kids through the program.

The project is not without its challenges, however.

"Certainly, starting out it would be getting a base of people to help the process along--volunteers, local sponsors, connecting with fans," says Haggerty. "But anybody that I've talked to about the new venture has been very positive, helpful, and seems to be excited about helping with the process."

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