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Beier Guest on Calling All Sports Podcast

Thunder head coach Ryan Beier recently appeared on the South Dakota sports-focused podcast Calling All Sports to discuss the first half of the season. He was brought on by hosts Mark Ovenden and Mike Henriksen.

Beier discussed his love for the sport growing up, and how the action and the simplicity first drew him to the sport. He and the hosts also discussed their perception of the massive growth that the sport of soccer has seen recently.

Part of this is reflected in the large amount of National Premier Soccer League teams, with 92 teams rostered across the United States. Beier explained the typical level of play and the traditional schedule of the NPSL.

Beier appreciated the great crowds showing up at O'Gorman field who come out and support the Thunder. He also spoke about some of his short- and long-term goals for the Thunder.

You can listen to the entire podcast here. The Thunder will take travel to Minneapolis under Beier's leadership this Saturday, June 19th, at 7pm against Minneapolis City.

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