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2021 Roster Highlights: College Players Join the Squad

Brennan Haggerty (left), Ethan Glissendorf (middle) Juan Mackrey (right) will be joining the Sioux Falls Thunder for the 2021 season!

Haggerty is a South Dakota local who grew up playing for the Dakota Alliance Soccer Club (DASC). He also played for the Thunder in 2019. Mackrey is a 22-year-old Argentinian making his debut at the club.

Haggerty and Mackrey are Northwestern College (IA) products, playing among the midfielders and strikers, respectively. "Both play at a high level," says head coach Ryan Beier about the pair. "They will bring good experience to our team."

Both players are ready to add to the team. "I am looking forward to being a part of this competitive squad," says Mackrey. "I plan to give the best of my abilities to contribute to it."

Glissendorf is a Sioux Falls native who currently plays for Gustavus Adolfus. "Ethan will bring us a lot of versitility," says Beier. "He can play multiple positions. Has a great soccer sense, and instinct with the ball."

"I'm excited to play for the Thunder because I can continue to play in a competitive team and bring my skills from college to another team and compete," says Glissendorf. "I am excited to help this team in any way I can and help win as many games as possible."

You can find tickets for upcoming Thunder games here. And check out our incredible sponsors below!

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